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On the Issue of Discrimination Based on Genetic Status: Legal Approaches in the Judicial Practice of Foreign States

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This paper is devoted to the consideration of legal approaches to discrimination based on genetic status, formulated by the judicial practice of a number of foreign countries: Australia, the United States of America and Canada. The author notes that the regulatory framework for combating discriminatory practices based on genetic status has developed at the level of international law with the adoption of key documents in the relevant area. The author makes a conclusion about the ways to apply genetic information, which often acts as a “tool” for the implementation of discriminatory practices. As genetic testing becomes more widespread, the challenge will inevitably arise to determine what role genetic information should play in human and social life.

About the Author

D. V. Ponomareva
Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL)
Russian Federation

Daria V. Ponomareva - Cand. Sci. (Law), Senior Researcher, Centre for Law and Bioethics in the Field of Genomic Research and the Application of Genetic Technologies, Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL).

Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya St., 9, Moscow, 125993.


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Ponomareva D.V. On the Issue of Discrimination Based on Genetic Status: Legal Approaches in the Judicial Practice of Foreign States. Kutafin Law Review. 2021;8(1):129-144.

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