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Scientific Facilities as a Subject Matter of “Infrastructure Law”: Une Approche Québéсoise

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The article deals with the original approach of Canadian French-speaking province (federal entity) to legal regulation of scientific facilities as a type of infrastructural objects governed by “infrastructure law.” The author firstly proves that the expression “scientific facility” and “Megascience” represent no more than the specific types of social infrastructure and, thus, generally denoted in legal instruments as “research infrastructure” which may be qualified as “large” (Megascience), “medium”, “small” etc. Further the article explores the modern legislation of Quebec which, unlike other countries, has decided to create a full-fledged “infrastructure law” governing, amongst other types of infrastructure, the research infrastructure. The article points out and analyses the particularities and principle findings of Quebec infrastructure laws and by-laws: the “supraministerial” governance of all infrastructure projects, the general public infrastructure company (Quebec Society of Infrastructures) etc. The latest developments in the Quebec “infrastructure law” relating to information infrastructures are also taken into account.

About the Author

A. O. Chetverikov
National School of Intergrational Studies
Russian Federation

Artem O. Chetverikov, Dr. Sci. (Law), Professor, Vice-President

14 build. 3 GF 10 Spartakovskaya ploshchad, Moscow 105082


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Chetverikov A.O. Scientific Facilities as a Subject Matter of “Infrastructure Law”: Une Approche Québéсoise. Kutafin Law Review. 2021;8(3):485-494.

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