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National Security as a Foundation and a Limit on a State’s Right to Rely on Permanent Sovereignty Over Natural Resources

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The article focuses on the environmental and economic security of a State as the constituent elements of its national security protected by the principle of permanent sovereignty over natural resources. It also analyses interdependency of the two, exposing their practical interconnection in a way that a threat to environmental stability almost necessarily affects economic stability of a State. At the same time, a right to permanent sovereignty over natural resources is not absolute and should be exercised so as not to endanger environmental and economic security of others.

About the Authors

D. S. Boklan
National Research University Higher School of Economics
Russian Federation

A. V. Korshunova
Russian Foreign Trade Academy
Russian Federation


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Boklan D.S., Korshunova A.V. National Security as a Foundation and a Limit on a State’s Right to Rely on Permanent Sovereignty Over Natural Resources. Kutafin Law Review. 2017;4(2):299-314.

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