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Post-Religious Era: Reflections on the Legalization of Religious Ethics

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Not only is the religion a spiritual belief, but also a general way of life. Traditional religions are questioned for lack of authenticity, and the death of God inevitably leads to the collapse of religion and its value system, which continues to weaken or even dissolve the meaning of the world and the meaning of life, etc. The secularization of religion is characterized by the separation of the transcendental elements of religion from the human knowledge structure or moral system. However, the removing process of religious factors may harm the morality itself. A feasible way is to translate moral elements by means of scientific language and to set the roots of morality within human reason or nature, that is, to find out the rational alternatives of religious ideas that carry morality for a long time. Law is the key element of post-religious society, and the overflow and migration of religious ethics to law will be conductive to create a new perfect order.

About the Author

Mingyu Liu
Nanfang College of Sun Yat-sen University

M.L.Lecturer of basic legal theory.

Wenquan town, Conghua District, Guangzhou, 510970.


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Liu M. Post-Religious Era: Reflections on the Legalization of Religious Ethics. Kutafin Law Review. 2020;7(1):2-25.

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